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Welcome to the Seekers of Fortune [SoF]

Please pull up a stool, and grab some Ale! As it is time for you to learn of the Seekers History, tradition, and codes before entering the trials of application.

*Slightly closing eyes, and looking up in remembrance* The Seekers began long ago as a collective of merchants, and adventurers who united together to protect the great trade routes of Britania. The Seekers are tasked with protecting, and helping their members, and assisting anyone in need of protection as they travel the lands of Britainia. As the sun went down on the land of Britania the Seekers received a message from a far off land called Tyria. The message was from Ulrich a longtime friend, and ally of the Seekers. Ulrich described a land fraught with evil, and kingdoms in need of assistance. Ulrich requested that the Seekers should come to the aid of this new land. The Seekers agreed, and sent the truest and most loyal Seekers to aid in establishing a Seekers of Fortune Guild in Tyria.

*Eyes the applicant* Now are you ready to uphold the great history of the Seeker? If you are here is the Code of the Seeker.

Code of the Seeker

1.Uphold the rules, and regulations set forth by Arenanet.

2.No swearing on the forums. Swearing is also discouraged through guild chat.

3.Absolutely NO hate speech will be tolerated. I repeat: NONE. Do not make comments about a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, etc. Keep that speech out of GW2 and our forums. It does not matter whether it is about a guild member or an outsider, it is the same thing to us.

4.Do not put down or make fun of any guild member in guild chat, our forums, the GW2 forums, guild voice chat, etc.We encourage growth of character, not belittling another to make you feel better about yourself.

5.Uphold honor, respect others & stand by your guildmates.

The Short of it

We are a casual GW2 guild that is player focused in a way that encourages helping each other within the guild and lending a hand to those outside.

We are primarily a PvE Guild, but we enjoy RP, and will dabble in PVP. We will hold special events, go hunting as a group, and we will try to gear most of these events so all of our members can attend no matter your skill level. We also strive to keep these events lucrative and fun for all.

We recruit experienced players and newbies alike and value your personality more than your stats. We are all new to the land of Tyria, and will be learning together as a guild.

If you are interested in joining our guild first read the code, and then apply at Join the Seekers of Fortune . We’d like to have more helpful members on our team.

Good Hunting!

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